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The SRE2003 Internet Interface

Abstract SRE2003 is an Internet interface for OS/2. More precisely, SRE2003 provides a set of functions and capabilties that allow you to implement a web server through a "filter" program that is written in REXX. In addition to a fairly simple filter included with SRE2003, several filter programs are publically available (such as sreLite2 and SREhttp/2) - or you can write your own!

20 Jan 2003: Maintenance releases of SRE2003 and SREhttp/2 (ver 1.12d) are now available: with improved configuration utilities and a few bug fixes. ct us with any problems or suggestions.

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This is http://SRE2003.SREHTTP.ORG/, which was last modified on 7 Nov 2003.
Technical notes: This site is running SRE2003 for OS/2 ver 1.12d, SREhttp/2 ver 1.12d under OS/2 4.52 (MCP FP3) The SREhttp/2 server is a no-name 1700mhz with 256M RAM. It is connected to the world through SDSL (running at about 200kbs) provided by Crosslink , which uses Network Access Solutions as a CLEC.